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Scaretech Global have developed and patented one of the world’s most effective, technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly bird deterrents – helping you to eradicate the costly problem of bird droppings or ‘guano’ for good.
Our system produces astounding results, obliterating the build up of guano. They are extremely versatile and can be used on offshore wind farms or oil and gas platforms, airfields and helipads, land fields and farms, ports and vessels.
Excellent value for money with fixed costs ensuring budgets are met
Available to rent or purchase and provided to you with a tailored approach.
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    We help our clients to proactively manage the persistent and hazardous guano problem. We believe that by assisting clients’ in keeping their assets and workforce safe we are also contributing to the delivery of projects on time and within budget, increasing productivity and profitability.We offer a bespoke service, working closely with clients to plan for the best results. Our team of highly-skilled technicians provides 24-hour field cover and a specialist cleaning and maintenance services if required.
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Scaretech offers an innovative solution

The world's only multi-deterrent approach Stand-alone bird scaring unit.

Utilising Rotation, our devices prevent familiarisation by the birds

Technologically-advanced With numerous proven features

Self-sufficient and environmentally friendly

Versatile, robust and with remote operation

Suitable to withstand harsh weather conditions

Bespoke design options

Perfect for controlling the activation of features

Suitable for every environment – offshore, landfill sites, fields, ports and vessels, airfields and helipads etc.


Professional guano prevention, removal and management package solutiuons.
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